Adjustable Deluxe Deck Roller

Adjustable Deluxe Deck Roller for Drum Anchor Winch | Hiniu Marine

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SS316 Adjustable Deck Roller Designed for Drum Anchor Winch | Hiniu Marine

Hiniu Marine original design adjustable, extra width deck roller for the installation of drum anchor winches,which helps the rope to track out to each side of the drum, protect your deck from the damage of anchor chains, also, provide the smooth operation of your anchor winch.

Product Features:

Extra width design to guide the rope to the winch spool
Captive design with two adjustable height
Curved design for better line lay and capacity
High performance nylon rollers, machined finish
Mirror Polishing 5mm 316SS Base Plate
2 predrilled countersunk mounting holes
Available with 150mm or 210mm size

Deck Roller Dimension and Size:
125807A, Overal width 150mm; Winch size up to 1000W;
125807B, Overal width 210mm; Winch size up to 2500W;