DIN766 Short Link Chains

DIN766 Short Link Chains for Anchor Windlass | Hiniu Marine

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DIN766 Short Link Chain For Anchor Windlass Anchoring Applications

Top quality Hot-dipped Galvanized chain,meets latest DIN766 short link standard,specifically designed for anchoring applications,ideal for use on Hiniu marine anchor windlasses. For the chain to work problem free, you need the correct chain. The chain has to perfectly match the gypsy for the windlass to run smoothly. Our chain is adjusted and calibrated according to the DIN 766 standard, and is available in hot dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel ( most sizes ).
Package: Bucket, Barrels, OEM package design.
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
Hiniu Marine Anchor Chains sizing chart:
160101,Dia.6mm;Weight,40kg;Length,150ft/50m;Breaking strength,1632kg;
160102,Dia.6mm;Weight,60kg;Length,225ft/75m;Breaking strength,1632kg;
160103,Dia.6mm;Weight,80kg;Length,300ft/100m;Breakeing strength,1632kg;
160104,Dia.6mm;Weight,252kg;Length,1033ft/315m;Breaking strength,1632kg;
160105,Dia.8mm;Weight,70kg;Length,150ft/50m;Breaking strength,3264kg;
160106,Dia.8mm;Weight,105kg;Length,225ft/75m;Breaking strength,3264kg;
160107,Dia.8mm;Weight,140kg;Length,300ft/100m;Breaking strength,3264kg;
160108,Dia.8mm;Weight,245kg;Length,575ft/175m;Breaking strength,3264kg;
160109,Dia.10mm;Weight,118kg;Length,150ft/50m;Breaking strength,5100kg;
160110,Dia.10mm;Weight,177kg;Length,225ft/75m;Breaking strength,5100kg;
160111,Dia.10mm;Weight,236kg;Length,300ft/100m;Breaking strength,5100kg;
Please note, the package option: Pail, Barrels, OEM package design.