Double Cross Bollards

Hiniu Marine | SS316 Heavy Duty Design Double Cross Bollards

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SS316 Heavy Duty Design Cast Double Cross Bollards

Product Specification:
AISI stainless steel 316 provides a long service life that will retain an attractive, clean finish with low maintenance for the discriminating yachtsman
Top quality cross bit mooring bollard deck fitting ensures reliable stability
Low profile stands only 3.5 inches for deck safety without loss of durability
2.5 Inch heavy duty base attaches with optional threaded bolt holes
AISI 316 stainless steel will provide years of service
The double cross bollard will ensure a secure mooring during the most inclement weather.

Hiniu Marine Bollards Sizing Selection Guide:
06.238.01; Base length-63mm;Height-83mm;Width-83mm;

Hiniu Marine Mooring Cleats, Docking Cleats, Rope Cleats, Deck Cleats
All Hiniu Marine investment casting stainless steel cleats are constructed of 100% marine grade 316 stainless steel. Strong corrosion resistance and durable in saltwater circumstance, they’re designed for using in the harsh marine environment for tying rope around to hold either boats or other items.
We have a huge range of mooring cleats and equipment including rope cleats, bow chocks and mooring bollards, as well as hot dipped galvanized, rope, horn type and flat top options available to mooring needs.