Hinged Self-launching Bow Rollers

176 Series Hinged Self-launching Bow Rollers | Hiniu Marine

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176 Series; SS316 Hinged Self-launching Anchor Bow Rollers | Hiniu Marine

Self-launching Bow Rollers for Anchors to 50kg 176 Series | Hiniu Marine
Construction from mirror polished 316 Stainless Steel material,?hinged with an inner roller for easier drop of anchor. Extra width design to prevent most anchors from touching the bow, ideal design for most style anchors. Heavy duty plate for commercial vessels.

Product Features:

Factory hand-made polishing,High Quality Mirror polishing finish
8mm Heavy duty design stainless steel plate, commercial vessels anchoring needs.
High quality rollers designed universally for easy mounting on most bows and bow planks
Constructed from stainless steel AISI316 with a low profile design
Hinged with an inner roller for self launching operation
Perfect designed for Bruce/Claw, and Rocna style anchors
Available in 6 size for anchors to 80kgs and ideal for boats to 90ft

Please confirm the measurements of your anchor against the dimensions listed for each bow roller to ensure best fit.

Model 176102: 16.5″L x 3″W; Anchors up to 33 lbs, 176102 Dimensions
Model 176103: 22″L x 3″W; Anchros 33 lbs – 44 lbs, 176103 Dimensions
Model 176104: 29.5″L x 3.5″W; Anchors 44 lbs – 66 lbs, 176104 Dimensions
Model 176105: 37.4″L x 3.7″W; Anchros 66 lbs – 110 lbs, 176105 Dimensions
Model 176106: 47″L x 5.5″W; Anchors 110 lbs – 176 lbs, 176106 Dimensions