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Hiniu Marine | Stainless Steel Cast Horn Bollards

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Hiniu Marine | Stainless Steel Cast Horn Bollards

The stainless steel Horn Bollard is constructed of marine grad 316 stainless steel and it’s really easy to install with threaded holes in the base plate. Available in 7 different sizes. Coming with a high polish for a mirror-like appearance. Ideal design for mooring and anchoring a boat/yacht. Also known as rope boat cleats, mooring cleats, deck cleats, boat cleats, horn bollard cleats, bollard cleats.

Key Features:
316 Stainless steel casting bollards.
Mirror polished, high-quality finish,very sturdy.
Most popular design bollards on the market.
Designed for two stud mounting.

Hiniu Marine Mooring Bollards Sizing Selection Guide:
06.273.16; Base length-160mm;Height-55mm;Width-60mm;
06.273.20; Base length-170mm;Height-75mm;Width-67mm;
06.273.24; Base length-200mm;Height-90mm;Width-69mm;
06.273.30; Base length-260mm;Height-100mm;Width-79mm;
06.273.35; Base length-300mm;Height-115mm;Width-86mm;
06.273.42; Base length-360mm;Height-140mm;Width-102mm;
06.273.45; Base length-380mm;Height-180mm;Width-150mm;