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Stainless Steel / Galvanized Finishing Delta Anchors | Hiniu Marine

The Hiniu Delta/Wing boat anchor (modeled after the original Delta boat anchors) is one of the most popular styles of anchor design for thousands of boaters. It fits neatly most anchor rollers, coming with a mirror polishing finish, perfect choice for boating needs. Cast from one-piece solid stainless steel gives the Delta anchor maximum tensile strength, perfect superior holding power than other similar plow anchors like the CQR anchor. Its unique shank profile and ballasted tip will give you a perfect self-launching anchoring experience, every time. The low center of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor will set easily and immediately in a wide range of seabeds, like mud, sand, rock and more.
Consistent and reliable in performance, it’s the perfect choice of the standard equipped anchor for most boat builders.

Product Features:
Easy & Immediately setting in a wide range of bottoms with high holding power.
Constructed of heat-treated high-tensile stainless steel for incredible strength.
Unique shank profile design to be more effective in a variety of seabeds.
Self-launching design for perfect operation with anchor windlass.
Modeled after the original Delta Design anchor.
Keep stable when tide and wind conditions change.

Having a high holding power to weight ratio, boaters often need a lighter Wing/Delta anchor than may be necessary in other styles of anchors. For example, for most 25’ boats, a 13 lbs Wing/Delta anchor will be an adequate anchor choice.
Wing/Delta Anchor Dimensions and Sizing Chart
13 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 29′; Shank length: 23.357″; Wing width: 10.375″
22 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 40′; Shank length: 27.357″; Wing width: 12.25″
33 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 49′; Shank length: 32″; Wing width: 14.25″
44 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 57′; Shank length: 34.5″; Wing width: 15.375″
55 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 64′; Shank length: 37″; Wing width: 16.5″
66 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 70′; Shank length: 40″; Wing width: 18″
110 lbs Wing Anchor: Boats up to 90′; Shank length: 47″; Wing width: 21″

For more details of the original Delta Anchor manufacturer’s specifications and sizing chart, please note our related link.