Stainless Steel Bruce/Claw Anchors

Stainless Steel Bruce/Claw Anchors | Hiniu Marine

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Stainless Steel / Galvanized Finishing Claw/Bruce Anchors | Hiniu Marine

The Bruce/Claw anchor design has been one of the most popular anchor choices amongst boaters around the world. Its ability to set quickly and easily in most any sea bottom along with performing well with short scope has meant it is one of the most reliable anchor choices available.
This Bruce anchor(modeled after the Claw anchor) is designed to use in a variety of seabeds conditions, excellent performance in sand, mud, rock, and coral. It has slightly less holding per pound than similar style anchors such as the Delta/Wing but it generally sets more easily.
Due to its simple construction, the claw anchor is relatively inexpensive when compared to other styles of anchors.

Product Features:
Cast from one piece 316 Stainless Steel
Can be used very effectively in a variety of seabeds
Keeping stable in a variety of bottoms including sand, mud, rock and coral
One of the easiest anchors to set and recover (and our most recommended anchor)
Modeled after the original Bruce anchor
Lifetime warranty against breakage

Bruce/Claw Anchor Dimensions and Sizing Chart:

6 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 22′; Shank Length: 16″; Height: 6″; Claw Width: 10″; Length: 8″
11 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 25′; Shank Length: 18″; Height: 7″; Claw Width: 12″; Length: 9.25″
16.5 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 34′; Shank Length: 21″; Height: 8″; Claw Width: 14″; Length: 9.5″
22 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 35′; Shank Length: 25″; Height: 9″; Claw Width: 15.5″; Length: 12″
33 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 40′; Shank Length: 27″; Height: 10.5″; Claw Width: 17.5″; Length: 13.5″
44 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 50′; Shank Length: 29″; Height: 11″; Claw Width: 18.5″; Length: 13.5″
55 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 55′; Shank Length: 29″; Height: 11″; Claw Width: 19.5″; Length: 16″
66 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 60′; Shank Length: 32″; Height: 15.5″; Claw Width: 19.5″; Length: 19″
110 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 80′; Shank Length: 39″; Height: 17.75″; Claw Width: 19.5″; Length: 27″
176 lbs Claw Anchor: Boats up to 110′; Shank Length: 43″; Height: 20″; Claw Width: 22″; Length: 35″

Please note: These specifications assume an average weight boat anchoring in average conditions. If you have an exceptionally heavy boat or are anchoring exceptional conditions (i.e. heavy current or winds) consider using one size up.

Claw/Bruce Anchor Tips

Originally designed in the early 1970s by Peter Bruce, the design was based on his other large-scale commercial anchors for fixed installations such as oil rigs and drilling platforms. The original Bruce Anchor and its copies have garnered a large following among boaters.
The original Bruce Anchor has not been produced for the small boat market since 2007. After Bruce left the small anchor market, a number of other manufacturers have come forward to fill the void with the Lewmar Company probably being the most well-known of the current manufacturers of the claw style anchor.

For more details of the original Delta Anchor manufacturer’s specifications and sizing chart, please note our related link.