Stainless Steel Plow Anchors

Stainless Steel 316 Plow Anchor | Hiniu Marine

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Stainless Steel 316 Plow Anchors | Hiniu Marine

Plow Anchor-In past 80 years, most popular design anchor style around the world fisherman for its best holding power in a variety of sea floors.

Product Features:

Constructed of solid mirror polished 316 Stainless Steel
Provides safe and sure anchoring for heavier craft
Best Holding Power Anchor Design Proved By 80 Years
Hinged design makes it more responsive to wind and tide changes
Available in Stainless steel and Hot dipped Galvanized

Plow Anchor Dimensions and Sizing Guide:

153101(SS)-15.5lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 20′; Shank Length:19.5″; Height:9.75″; Plow Length: 14.25″
153102(SS)-20 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 22′; Shank Length:22.5″; Height: 11.5″; Plow Length: 16.25″
153103(SS)-26 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 26′; Shank Length: 32″; Height: 11.75″; Plow Length: 15.75″
153104(SS)-35 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 32′; Shank Length: 35″; Height: 14.25″; Plow Length: 19″
153105(SS)-48.5 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 50′; Shank Length: 38.5″; Height: 13.25″; Plow Length: 21.5″
153106(SS)-59.5 lbs Plow Anchor: Boats up to 65′; Shank Length: 42″; Height: 14.75″; Plow Length: 23″