>>> Hiniu Marine’s 5-year Warranty

Hiniu Marine strives to make windlasses and windlass accessories with the highest quality materials possible and provides a 5-Year Warranty on all of our windlass models and windlass accessories. Hiniu Marine’s 5-Year Warranty covers all windlass models and windlass accessories that are found to be defective and will replace the defective part(s) free of charge within 5 years of the purchase date.

Natural wear and tear to the windlass models and windlass accessories is not coverd by Hiniu Marine’s 5-Year Warranty. This Warranty does not apply to products that were damaged due to negligence, improper installation, improper use or any other actions not specified by Hiniu Marine. Windlasses should not to be used to haul the seabed to the boat, or drag the boat to the anchor. The proper way is motoring up to the anchor, and use the boat to ” break” loose the anchor. If the boat is heavy for it`s size or is commercially used, please go up a size when choosing a windlass. This Warranty shall be voided if the equipment is alterred or repaired by unqualified personnel. Hiniu Marine’s 5-Year Warranty does not include rope/chain combinations.

The purchaser is responsible for any shipping costs associated with replacing the defective part(s), as well as any charges associated with the removal of the defective part(s) and/or installation of the replaced part(s). Hiniu Marine will not pay for shipping on any received defective products. Hiniu Marine is not responsible for any damages to the gear/motor or any other parts caused by Hiniu Marine windlass models & accessories.

Mail the defective part(s) to us, with all shipping pre-paid.

>>> Windlass System Troubleshooting – FAQ’s


Q: Nothing happens when I use the Up & Down switches. What could be causing this?
A: It could be a shortage of power to the Up & Down switches.
Suggestion: Try flipping the on the On/Off switch. See if the fuse has blown.

Q: The solenoid clicks but the windlass will not go either way. What is the problem?
A: There is sufficient power to the solenoid, but not to the windlass.

Suggestion: Check the power supply for the windlass motor. See if the main fuse has blown. (This is not the same fuse for the motor and the solenoid. The main motor fuse is from 70 – 150 amps and the solenoid is 5 amps)

Q: The windlass works normally, but doesn’t have enough power to haul the anchor. What could be causing this?
A: The windlass clutch is too loose.

Suggestion: Use the windlass handle to tighten the clutch.

Q: The windlass operates normally, but the chain does not come in. What is causing this?
A: The chain gets jammed on the windlass or underneath the windlass.

Suggestion: This is a common problem especially with new chains (with a lot of galvanizing on the chain). Bring the chain out and then in again. Another problem can be the storage room for the chain. If this is too small the chain can get jammed. If the chain gets stuck without you noticing, the main fuse might blow.

Q: My windlass seems weak and powerless, and the drop and haulage speed is slow. What causes this?
A: Your battery is week, remember we are dealing with a lot of power consumption.

Suggestion: The main fuse might blow under these circumstances. Remember to use the correct cable size for the motor.