Wider Casting Hawse Pipe

Stainless Steel Casting Wider Hawse Pipe | Hiniu Marine

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316Stainless Steel Casting Wider Hawse Pipe For Large Anchor Winches

Hiniu Marine original design round chain pipe using instead of deck roller for the installation of our anchor winches. Stainless steel casting with hand polishing finish, perfect for small boats with no anchor well.
This wider chain pipe is ideal designed for larger anchor winches, it allows for greater movement angles of the chain during retrieval and release.
Product Features:
Ideal for applications where the winch is mounted close to the top deck
Allows even rope & chain distribution across the drum
Mirror Polishing 316 stainless steel construction
Suitable for large winches close to the top deck
With 8 pre-machined mounting holes
Keeps the rain out of your boat
Use instead of a deck roller
Includes Mounting hardware